This Sunday

Rev. Erin Splaine (Dec. 16, 2018) – Waiting and Wondering

We will venture a bit off our usual service plan as the sermon will be in three parts with music and silent reflection in-between each part.  

This meditative service will feature the Advent song “People, Look East” and “Ma Navu,” a beautiful a … read more.

Our Stories

FUUSN is a place where kids aren’t labeled. This community gives opportunities for kids to express the different parts of them that may not be recognized or appreciated by their peers. It allows them to expand their identity. For me, FUUSN has been a place where I could take a leadership role, be a musician, use my analytical skills… In short, FUUSN has been a place where I could apply different aspects of myself and not be labeled as just one thing. As I looked at colleges, I looked for colleges where I could apply my whole self.