Climate Action Task Force

Recent research makes it increasingly clear that urgent actions are needed to prevent worldwide average temperatures from increasing more than 1.5°C over pre-industrial levels. New England is warming faster than the worldwide average. Since 1900, Massachusetts has seen its average temperature increase by 1.97°C. The world is already experiencing more severe droughts, storms, fires and heat waves causing loss of life, loss of habitat, changes in food and water systems, and forced migration. In keeping with our 7th principle that acknowledges and respects the interdependent web of existence, of which we are a part, our Climate Action Task Force helps educate our congregants and gives them opportunities to take individual and collective action.
FUUSN’s Climate Action Task Force invites all FUUSN members to participate in climate actions that include:
  1. Joining with other UU Congregations across the state, led by the UUMass Action Climate Team (which includes a representative from FUUSN).  We lobby our state Senators and Representatives to support climate legislation and take collective actions on behalf of environmental justice and to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  2. Engaging with Green Sanctuary 2030: Mobilizing for Climate Justice.
  3. Taking individual actions to support the Newton Climate Action Plan, including:
    • Having a Mass Save home energy audit
    • Switching home heating and cooling to electric heat pumps
    • Opting up to 100% renewably sourced electricity with Newton Power Choice
    • Reducing use of fossil fuel powered transportation by using public transportation, biking or walking, and by making the next car purchase an electric vehicle
    • Installing solar panels on their homes when feasible
  4. Exploring the Plant-Based Eating Club and reducing meat consumption
  5. Visiting the monthly Climate Action table at coffee hour after services to learn more about specific actions we can take as individuals and as a group.
The Climate Action Task Force has also joined with local climate groups including Green Newton, the Newton node of 350 Mass, and the Newton chapter of Mothers Out Front to take action on gas leaks in Newton, stopping the expansion of gas infrastructure in Newton and Massachusetts at large, and other local actions.
Finally, the Climate Action Task Force has supported the Building & Grounds Committee in its efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our church building, including switching our electricity source to 100% renewables, creating multiple heating & cooling zones to minimize energy use, installing heat pumps, and evaluating solar options.

Climate Task Force Coffee Hour tables will feature:

  • November 12, 2023: Put Gas in the Past – you can sign the petition here
  • December 17: Reducing consumption
  • January 7: How to heat your home without fossil fuels
  • February 4: Induction cooking
  • March 3: Transportation & bicycling
  • April 7: Native and pollinator-friendly plants
  • May 5: Greening your meals (in conjunction with Plant-Based Eating Club)

If you are interested in getting involved, contact us.