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Would you like to schedule a FUUSN event? Submit it here, but FIRST, consider:

Is it timely?
  • Not an Event: Newton to eventually alter I-90 on-ramps and exits near FUUSN.
  • Event: FUUSN closed on July 15th due to maintenance work.
Does it take place at FUUSN? (Do you need to reserve space?)
  • Not an Event: FUUSN Member throws backyard barbeque for family.
  • Event: FUUSN holds Independence Day barbeque in yard.
If it does not take place at FUUSN, is it specifically relevant to FUUSN?
  • Not an Event: A new Farmers’ Market will be opening in Newtonville.
  • Event: FUUSN’s Youth Group Volunteers at Opening of New Farmers’ Market in Newtonville on Friday, June 5th.
Is it a personal announcement, or an announcement that affects the community?
  • Not an Event: FUUSN Member Celebrates 50th Birthday.
  • Event: FUUSN Member Holds Charity Gala in Parish Hall in Honor of 50th Birthday.
Is it a sensitive announcement that affects the personal life of one or more FUUSN members? Also, consider carefully whether this is your news to tell.
  • Not an Event: Angela and Brian are getting divorced on Tuesday.
  • Event: Retirement Party for Christine after 32 years of Service as Treasurer.
Is it a recurring event?:
  • Just a single event: Brass Ensemble Performs Thursday at 7pm.
  • Event AND News: Newton Madrigal Singers Announce New Concert Series to be held in Parish Hall.

NOTE: Submitting this form does not mean the event will automatically be scheduled. Our staff will contact you to confirm the event.

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