Shoppers in the Parish Hall browse through aisles of folding tables covered with yard sale items such as bags, umbrellas, kitchen appliances, and artificial Christmas trees.The opportunities to engage in spiritually fulfilling service at FUUSN are as numerous as the benefits you will receive from doing so.  In addition to our weekly service, there is something for everyone at FUUSN.  Whether you prefer a “one and done” volunteer job, such as helping at the annual Holiday Fair, or a regular opportunity such as welcoming newcomers on Sunday or teaching Religious Education, our congregation welcomes your participation at any level.  Many have said that it was serving on a committee or volunteering at FUUSN that fostered their feelings of community and connection to FUUSN.  Please join us – we look forward to getting to know you better!

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or become involved in our many groups, projects, and committees.

Upcoming Events

Serve Scoops and Meet our Co-Ministerial Candidates at the Ice Cream Social, Saturday, June 1, 2024:

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Help with the Community Meal on June 9, 2024:

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Religious Exploration

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Sunday Morning Nursery Volunteer:Sign Up!

Teach Pre-K to 4th Grade Spirit Play and Spirit Circle:Sign Up!

Adult Volunteers for 5th and 6th Grade:

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Adult Volunteers for 7th and 8th Grade:
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Ongoing Volunteering

Volunteer at Worship Services:

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Chalice and Chancel Signup:

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Volunteer at Coffee Hour:Sign Up!

Help Provide Member Services:Sign Up!

Volunteer at Community Meals:

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Volunteer with the Care Crew:

Contact Sheila Ardery, 617-564-1769

Volunteer with the FUUSN Oral History Project:

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