FUUSN Operates with Democratic Principles and Congregational Polity

This congregation is wholly owned by its members and governed using a representative process with regular elections of officers, a set of bylaws, an annual meeting of the full society, and the power to call the minister or ministers of its choice.

FUUSN is organized according to the principles of congregational polity–ultimate authority resides with the members and the most important decisions are made by vote at a duly constituted Annual Meeting of the members each spring. Daily operational authority resides with a democratically elected Board of Trustees and Operations Council and all funds are held and invested by a democratically elected Board of Investment.

Policies and Information Issuances

Policies approved by the Board and Operations Council.

Board of Trustees (BOT)

A seven-person Board of Trustees has overall authority over church finances, staffing, and high-level policy-making. The Board is responsible for seeing that all evaluations of ministers, programs, and operations are performed. Six trustees are elected by the members of the society and each serves a three-year term, with two new members elected at each Annual Meeting of the Society. In addition, one youth member is elected to the Board for a one-year term (currently two youth share that responsibility). The Board members elect a chair and vice chair from among their members.

Minutes of the Board of Trustees are online.

Current Members of the Board of Trustees:

RoseAnn Murray (Chair)

Demie Stathoplos

Hattie Kerwin-Derrick

Stephanie Kendall

Brian Gill

Devon Welles

Julia Dun Rappaport (Youth)

Myles Konary (Youth)

Nancy Duvergne (Clerk)

Sandra Mahaniah (Clerk)

Operations Council

A seven-person Operations Council works in partnership with FUUSN staff to oversee day-to-day operations and supports FUUSN committees in their work. They conduct monthly reviews of the Budget Tracking Report prepared by the Finance Committee and oversee an annual budget review process which culminates with a recommended budget that is presented to the BOT each Spring.

The Operations Council reports to the Board of Trustees, who are responsible for assuring performance against Congregational Priorities, the Limitations Policies, and the Operations Council Policies.

Minutes from Operations Council meetings are online.

Current Members of the Operations Council

Susan Bartlett

Karen Bottar (Treasurer)

Andy Dale

Elli Crocker Morse

Wayne Everett

Chris Gaebler

Linda Ross (Clerk)