Member Services

FUUSN is a robust and thriving community of passionate, committed members and friends! Your Member Services Committee works to make each person feel welcomed, seen and supported. We work on many fronts to bring people together to build strong and lasting relationships. Interested in joining us? Please contact Member Services.

Can You Vote for Our New Minister?

Did you know that you must be an official Member of FUUSN for at least 30 days prior to the new minister vote to have your vote count?  Here are some steps to take to ensure that your vote is counted:

  • Confirm that you are actually a Member (You are not able to see your own status in Realm)
    • Members with current email addresses in Realm will receive confirmation that they are a member via email. If you do not receive that email by February 7, 2024:
      • Check your status at the Realm table during Coffee hour
      • Send an email to Dan Stoll, and he will look it up for you
    • NOTE: Member Services has a team of people contacting Friends (non-members who pledge to FUUSN) to inform them of the membership requirement and that they are not Members.
  • If you wish to become a Member, fill out this application form so you can be listed as a member in time to vote.
  • Apply by March 15 so we can get your application to the Board in time for their monthly meeting on March 26 to ensure you can vote in the special meeting in the spring.
  • Questions? Contact

Member Services Roles

Sunday Morning and First Year Team

We endeavor to make sure everyone is warmly greeted on Sunday mornings, host smaller-group conversation through alternative coffee hours and potlucks for newcomers, and connect people with their areas of interest.


We connect congregants with the services they need and the communities they want.

Spiritual Team

We connect congregants to the spiritual in FUUSN.

Social Team

We provide regular social events for all ages and communities in FUUSN.

A complex chart defining the roles and responsibilities of the Member Services Committee.