Nursery Care

A teenager with black hair wearing a purple hoodie and blue jeans plays with brightly colored blocks with two toddlers, a blond boy in a blue shirt and tan shorts and a brown-haired girl in an orange shirt and blue shorts.When you arrive on Sunday morning, you will find that we are a community that welcomes people of all ages in the sanctuary. We know not all young children want to stay in the sanctuary, and so we have a nursery space just for them. When you first arrive, a greeter can help you find the nursery, a high-ceilinged, sunny space that features traditional and modern toys, sofas, and comfy carpet.

Nursery care is provided by one paid professional caregiver and an additional volunteer from within the congregation. This offering is available for families with children age 4 and younger and on any given Sunday, we might have five or more children in this age group. Sometimes parents like to stick around, too, as their children get to know each other and the adults that care. The nursery teachers thrive on playing with and reading to our toddlers and love seeing them pick up language, concepts, and skills.