Over 60s Group

The Over 60s are thriving! Come join us!

Nine adults in activewear, one holding a small child, stand on a tennis court with racquets and balls.

Our Over 60s program began in late 2015 with the idea of exploring issues of interest and concern to our cohort facing challenges and reckonings of this time of life.

We started with a few small leader-led support groups and from this beginning, the Over 60s evolved rapidly into a myriad of activities and enthusiastic participation which addressed our mission to enhance interpersonal sharing, connection, learning and celebration within our cohort along with contributions to our FUUSN community as a whole.

In our developmental process from the initial small leader-led support groups in 2016, we then formed  ongoing self-led groups for men and women to discuss issues of aging together. These continue to this day! 

Central to our growth has been the creation of our own listserve which currently boosts up to 180 over 60s FUUSNites. This mailing list allows us to communicate with each other about our programs and also to exchange ideas, resources and information among ourselves.

Over 60s Mailing List: fuusn-over-60@fusn.org
Contact Gregs@sulliwood.org to sign up for mailing list access.