Music Programs

The FUUSN Choir sings in the sanctuary during the 175th Anniversary celebration, with audience members in the pews nearby.

FUUSN deeply appreciates our exceptional collection of singers, artists, and performers. The Music Program reinforces the themes of the worship services, and musicians actively help to lead worship. The Sanctuary Choir members sing almost every Sunday; the FUUSN Band plays regularly; our organist, Linnea Bardarson, provides a variety of music for the Prelude and the Postlude each week. In addition, the Music Program presents special events every year:

We invite you to get involved! The FUUSN Music Program include membership in various groups, all of which are open to everyone regardless of experience. For more information about participating in all aspects of the Music program, please contact: Anne Watson Born, Director of Music Ministry at 617 527-3203 or

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir sings in the morning service most Sundays; they rehearse on Wednesday nights, 7:30-9pm in the Chapel. The Choir is open to all singers regardless of experience. The Choir presents two Music Sundays each year.

Pictured here, the Sanctuary Choir sings “Dona Nobis Pacem” by Vaughn Williams – Music Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023

A large choir stands at the front of the sanctuary, directed by a gray-haired woman dressed in black.

Family Choir

The FUUSN Family Choir is made up of children and their families and friends, singing and having fun together. The Family Choir meets on occasional Sundays at 9:45am to learn a song which they will sing in that morning’s service. Easy-peasy! All ages are welcome.

A choir composed entirely of children sings in the front of a church, directed by a kneeling woman with long brown hair wearing a black suit, and accompanied by a man with a guitar


The FUUSN Band welcomes any and all pop/rock/folk players, on banjo, mando, guitar, sax, flute, keyboards, drums, bass, etc.  They rehearse as needed. And sometimes they wing it.

Pictured here: The FUUSN Band plays at the Wheel of Life service, October 29, 2023. Photo by Neil Klinman

Five band members stand at the front of the church playing bass, guitar, and mandolin, accompanied by a pianist at a grand piano

Ad-Hoc Groups

The Gospel Choir, Men’s Choir, Higher Ground Singers (sop-alto) and Bottom Feeders (tenor-bass) are ad hoc groups that meet as needed.   

Pictured here: Mens’ Choir sings “Find the Cost of Freedom” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash – Music Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023

A group of eleven men dressed in back and holding binders stand at the front of the Sanctuary beside a grand piano


Since 2005, FUUSN has had its own sacred dance company in residence, CreationDance, which creates meaningful dances contributing to several services, community celebrations, and performances throughout the year. CreationDance is a graceful ambassador of FUUSN by bringing people to the FUUSN services, and by dancing in other churches and venues in New England and in France as well. They rehearse on Saturday afternoons.

Pictured here: CreationDance performs at the Thanksgiving service 2023 – Photo by Neil Klinman

A troupe of dancers perform in the front of a church, including a woman with long gray hair wearing a long blue dress, her arms flung up with a water pitcher in one hand; a man in a black cape holding up a large, stuffed crescent moon; a woman with long, wavy blonde hair wearing a short-sleeved brown dress holds out a large glass bowl; another woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a white long-sleeved dress, white headband, and face mask, sprinkles cloth flowers into the outstretched bowl

FUUSN Chimers

Have you heard the church bells ringing? That’s our chime (not to be confused with our newsletter, the FUUSN Chime), and it’s rung by a dedicated band of volunteer Chimers. If you’re interested in learning to play one of the largest, loudest acoustic instruments you’ll ever encounter, contact

Two women press on wooden levers attached to steel cables which ring the chime (church bells)

JourneySongs Hospice Choir

JourneySongs is a hospice choir founded at FUUSN; they rehearse on Sunday afternoons at 3:30pm.

JourneySongs has no permanent director at this time (Feb 2024) – we are between directors.
If you want general information or have specific questions, please email
If you want to arrange a sing at someone’s bedside, please email

For more information, see

Ten women stand at the entrance to a brick building, six at ground level, and four above them on an entrance landing.