Getting Connected

Looking for Connection? Here are a few easy ways!

Keep up to date on all FUUSN news and events!

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Follow us on any of these Facebook pages and groups:

Join the FUUSN Business listserv

Get notifications about official business. Send email to

Fill out a New to FUUSN card during service or at the Welcome Table on Sunday morning after the service.

Stop by the Welcome Table and talk with a volunteer about your interests and what you’re looking for.

Attend a Social Event

We have lots of them listed on our Events calendar such as Coffee Hour, Over 60s presentations, Plant-Based Eating and Community meals, Dinners for 7, and much more!

Help out at a Public Event

Events such as the Yard Sale or Holiday Fair are fun, all-hands-on-deck projects where you can really get to know people.

Make Some Music or Attend a Concert

Sing in our choir, play in the band, dance in the Sanctuary, ring the church bells – our Music Program has so many options!

Bring Your Child to RE, Take a Class, or Volunteer to Teach

Our Religious Education program has something for everyone, from nursery care to adult education.

Come to one of our Annual Retreats

Held in June at Sandy Island and October at Ferry Beach, our retreats are where you will get to know people in an informal and relaxed setting.

Try Our Social Action Communities

Do you want to contribute to making the world a better place? Join one of our activism groups, such as Racial Justice Ministry, Climate Action Task Force, Rainbow Umbrella, and service projects.