A Note on Gathering in Person

We are delighted to be gathering in person, and to have the option of Zoom for worship and event attendance. As Covid, RSV and other communicable illnesses rise and fall, we hope everyone will exercise caution to keep the community safe:

  1. Stay home if you feel unwell and definitely if you have tested positive for a communicable illness
  2. Wear a mask if you feel well but may have been exposed
  3. Remember that the last few rows of pews in the sanctuary are reserved for folks masking due to increased vulnerability to illness, and respecting that space appropriately.

Our worship services are an opportunity to connect with our deepest selves, with one another, and with our visions for a world of justice and peace.

We gather at 10:15am on Sunday all year round, and welcome people of all ages and identities to join us! If you join us virtually, you can contribute to our collection plate here.

There are programs for children and youth most Sundays, and nursery care for children 4 and under every week.

Services from the second Sunday of September through the second Sunday of June are led by our professional staff and/or guests; summer services are organized by lay leaders and are often led by guest speakers from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. This summer from June 18 to August 2023, half of our services are in person, and half are online only.

Our sanctuary is formal, but our vibe is not: we encourage people to dress comfortably, whether that means a dress or a fleece

The service includes:

  • hymns (from traditional Protestant to contemporary songs)
  • readings from many sources of wisdom
  • music of all kinds and a fabulous choir
  • a sermon or reflection
  • meditation
  • sharing the joys and sorrows of the community
  • a voluntary offering to support the work of the congregation or a cause beyond our walls

After the service, we gather for coffee, tea and conversation; a great opportunity to connect and learn more about what is happening that week and reflect on the conversation begun in the service.

Large wooden doors in an arched doorway open to the church front yard, with a sidewalk, hedge, lawn, lamppost, and maple tree in fall colors ranging from green to yellow to bright orange.In a church with a pipe organ in the background, a woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a purple shirt and gray sweater assists a red-haired boy as he lights a candle inside a large silver chalice.

A man with white hair, mustache, and beard wearing glasses, a dark gray sweater over a blue button-down shirt and gray pants reads from a book to two children sitting on a red rug over a wood floor.

A congregation gathers in a church, in front of the altar and pipe organ and in several rows of pews.


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