Visual Arts Fest of FUUSN Artists  at Coffee Hour this Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024

The Visual Arts Fest is organized by our Over 60’s, this Sunday Feb. 11, after services, while you enjoy coffee hour!

After featuring Fabric Arts (September); Poetry (October); Singing (December); Instrumental Music (January) events, we now have a terrific event to celebrate some of the visual artists among us — the painters!

This will be a time for these artists to talk with you. Ask them whatever you want:  How do they create their art? What inspires them to create? Do they follow a process?

Here are the artists who will be joining all of us this Sunday Feb. 11 in the parish hall at coffee hour.

Barbara Deck                Watercolors, Pen/ink

Beverly Droz                 Watercolors, Pen/ink

Elli Crocker                    Mixed Media

Garrow Throop              Watercolors, Acrylic, Mixed Media

Gayle Smalley               Woodcuts & Monotypes

Kevin Osborn                Photography/Mixed Media

Linda Lancz                  Paintings, Printmaking, Photos

Linda Rinearson            Watercolors

Mary Beth Maisel          Paintings

Michael Milburn             Watercolors

Nancy DuVergne Smith  Paintings/collage

Susan Aeschbach         Oil Paintings

We are asking each artist to show 3 or 4 of their favorite pieces (not for sale, just show) and to be able to talk about them during coffee hour. The artists will be setting up in the Parish Hall around the outside of the room so you can drink coffee, walk around, and chat.  Come join us and  “Let’s have a party for (and with) the artists!”