Tree Sale in Full Swing!

The Trees have arrived, and sales have been wildly successful! Since starting on Saturday, Nov. 25th, 14% of trees have already been sold. Act quickly to get your tree now!!! Trees sales are open while supplies last:

Every Thursday and Friday until 12/22, 5-7:30pm
Every Saturday until 12/16, 9am-5pm
Every Sunday until 12/17, 11am-5pm

Volunteers still needed!

We Tree Folx need your help to sell trees starting November 25th. Please have a look at the Tree Sale Signups sheet and let the Shed Head(s) for the day(s)/time(s) you prefer know that you would like to help, or just respond to the Tree Folx address and one of us will put you on the schedule.

The Tree Folx (