Save the Date: April 6 Workshop: Introduction to The Work That Reconnects, led by Demie Stathoplos

Based on the writings and work of Joanna Macy

It’s easy to see that “business as usual” is causing harm to our earth’s ecosystems, and suffering for people all over the world as the effects of climate change cause greater and greater destruction. We see the ways we have been living are starting to unravel – droughts, heatwaves, torrential rains, catastrophic storms are coming more frequently and causing more damage. The Work That Reconnects is a body of thought and experiential exercises and rituals that help us connect deeply with all life on the planet and reclaim our ability to think and act on behalf of ourselves and all that is. This half-day workshop will explore this important framework that can enliven and empower us in this time that Joanna Macy calls The Great Turning.

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