Ministerial Search Committee: Congregational Survey Coming Soon!

FUUSN Members and Friends,

Your Ministerial Search Committee is up and running. We’ve met through the summer several times to plan for the task at hand. From now through the fall, we will be gathering information about FUUSN–our plans and hopes for the future and our expectations for a new settled minister–to share with ministerial candidates interested in FUUSN early in 2024.


Your committee’s first request from you will be a Congregational Survey that will be available online and on paper beginning September 10 for two weeks.

Please respond within two weeks if you want to start shaping FUUSN’s future through its ministry.  After we’ve begun synthesizing information from the Congregational Survey, we will hold listening circles for members and friends and conduct interviews with groups that may have particular points of view or topics of interest.

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and wishes. Please contribute to the survey in September.