Cris Goldsmith

In September of 2001 Cris and his wife Carolyn Shoemaker came to FUUSN for a service after 9/11. They were struck by the diversity of religious beliefs, welcoming congregants and a great RE program. They enrolled their young children in RE and thoroughly enjoyed having a quiet hour to themselves on Sundays in the sanctuary. Although they were not knowingly looking for a community, they found it at their first Sandy Island Memorial Day weekend retreat. This launched more than 2 decades of involvement in the FUUSN community including teaching RE in the kids’ classrooms, heading the RE Committee, participating in Small Group Ministry, selling Christmas trees and, in 2012, joining the Lay Ministry.

Currently Cris is a manager of Volunteers for the Americorps Seniors program in Norfolk County. Prior to that he was a business consultant to companies and non-profits. He was raised in Great Neck NY and considers himself Jewish. Outside of work he enjoys exercise, reading novels and cooking.