Christmas Trees Are Coming! Tomorrow!

Trailer unloading parties for our annual tree sale are planned for the afternoon of Friday, Nov 17, and the morning of Saturday, Nov 18, coffee & donuts provided! Freshen up your outerwear with the scent of Fraser, Canaan, and Balsam firs. Help with the barn-raising-type excitement of unloading the trucks that bring the trees to us from upstate New York and Canada. This year we’ll share the effort and profits with Newton Scout Troop 205. Historically, truck arrival times have been fluid. So watch for updates, and thanks for your ongoing support.

The latest ETA from the tree delivery person is Friday (11/17) around 4 pm and Saturday (11/18) around 8:30 am.
The Tree Folx: Chris O’Donnell (chair), Jeannie Chaisson, Todd Farrell, Lorenz Glaser, Bill Horne, Natalie Jensen, Neal Klinman, Jonathan Lilienfeld, Neil MacGaffey, Bob Persons