Christmas Tree Sale Planning Begins

Needles of a pine tree with a small, red gift box ornament and a white star in the background.Christmas trees are coming! Sales will start after Thanksgiving, but save some dates to help with the barn-raising-type excitement of unloading the trucks that bring them to us from upstate New York and Canada. Freshen up your outerwear with the scent of pines and firs! The plan currently is that one shipment will arrive in the late afternoon Friday 11/17 and the other the following morning. That’s the weekend before Thanksgiving: three weekends away. Historically, such plans have had a less-than-even chance of turning out unchanged. So please stay tuned, and thanks for your ongoing support.

The Tree Folx team: Jeannie Chaisson, Todd Farrell, Lorenz Glaser, Bill Horne, Natalie Jensen, Neil MacGaffey, Bob Persons, and Emeritus: Eric Haas, Eric Moore