Can You Support FUUSN by Helping to Sell Trees?

We Tree Folx need your help to sell trees starting November 25th. Please have a look at the Tree Sale Signups sheet and let the Shed Head(s) for the day(s)/time(s) you prefer know that you would like to help.

The Tree Folx (
Chris O’Donnell 303-906-3774
Jeannie Chaisson 617-653-2041
Todd Farrell 773-791-5361
Lorenz Glaser 917-689-6592
Bill Horne 617-987-5103
Natalie Jensen 781-603-7406
Neal Klinman 617-981-2881
Jonathan Lilienfeld 617-592-8897
Neil MacGaffey 617-455-5335
Bob Persons 617-548-5362