Over 60s Coffee Hour Artists Series

As noted during this summer, the Over 60s are developing an initiative re: our many FUUSN artists.  An interesting and enjoyable plan for our Sunday coffee hours this year continues to take a very fun shape, one that can help us learn about, acknowledge and enjoy the widespread artistic creators in our wonderful community.  This initiative is lead by our creative leaders, Barbara Deck and Kit Ryan with support from Karen Edwards, Anne Watson Born and other organizers who volunteer each month during the year!

A different art form will be represented during coffee hour for one Sunday a month with artists displaying their general art medium together. ALL artist creators, novices and experts who putter, play, experiment, explore, publish and/or market, are urged to participate and are happily invited to join their art medium group in enjoying each others works and creating together a display in the Parish Hall or Alliance Room on the Sunday for the art medium designated for that month.  We will have the opportunity to savor different art works and talk with and learn about our artists and their creations.

Our Current Coffee Hour Calendar:

  • September 24th – Coffee Hour is planned to be our first coffee hour art day to celebrate our Fiber Arts congregants – their sewing projects, quilts, needle point, knitting work, decorated jeans, jackets, etc,. that our congregants have worked on, perhaps never finished or still in process but enjoyed, worn, felt excited in doing, would like to teach us about.
  • October 22nd  Coffee Hour will be a Celebration of our FUUSN’s 175th  Anniversary under the guidance of the Ops Council and Board planning
  • November 19th  Poetry (original and recited).
  • December 17th  Voice – singing, choir, barber shop quartets, madrigals. Anne Born Watson will help to facilitate.
  • January  21st – Music, Instrumental, harmonica, violin, cello, original compositions.
  • February 11th  Visual Arts (drawings, paintings, watercolors, collages, mosaics, stain glass work, pottery, etc.
  • March 17th – Authors and their books, experiences.
  • April 7th – Photography.
  • June 2nd – Gardening, flowers, landscape creations/planning, tips on invasive plants and enriching plants for insects, butterflies, healthy eco-systems.

Dear Creators, please do be in touch with Barbara Deck and Kit Ryan who will be reaching out to welcome and organize these art medium clusters. We’ll see how this initiative develops as we acknowledge, honor and learn about our artists and their works.

Stay posted as this initiative develops!