Learning from People We Disagree With

Cultivating a sympathetic understanding of people we disagree with is difficult, but a skill that directly impacts the quality of our personal and civic lives. In this service we will share about applying this skill within our family circle and in the political realm.

Life Lessons through Bach

Lois Shapiro, FUUSN’s resident virtuoso pianist and philosopher, will lead an exploration of the Goldberg variations to see how “……Bach shows us what it feels like to be the universe.”

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Feeding Our Souls: Nourishing Resilience & Serenity

Betsy, Ann and Joan will share and explore methods of recognizing that which feeds us at the deepest levels. How can we develop and enhance resilience and serenity, especially during challenging times?

Animal Rights: UUs Expand the Circle

Should the UU commitment to social justice extend to other sentient beings, regardless of species? This service will be led by Chris Holbein, a FUUSN graduate now helping lead public policy efforts at the Humane Society of the United States.

Speaking Up, Even When It’s Hard

Moments that require speaking up are often turning points in our lives. Come hear fellow FUUSN-ites tell stories of taking a stand — and share your own.

Visions of Black Universalism

Tim Wells will discuss historic visions of black Universalism and present his own vison forged in his personal experience.

No Service Sept 2