“Haiku for All”

Jeannie Martin, a skilled Haiku poet and workshop leader, will lead us in undestanding and participating in a form of human expression that heightens our senses and reveals nature in new ways.

“Unitarian Values & Human Engineering”

Curt Lamb will introduce an important ethical issue of the near future – how to think about changing human beings into something different through human engineering and artificial intelligence. Can the Seven Principles of Unitarianism guide us in this, or will our great grandchldren need new principles?

“A Mediative Journey Through Bobby McFerrin’s 23rd Psalm”

Bobby McFerrin has made subtle and impactful changes to the text of the 23rd Psalm. Choir members will sing this powerful, affirming song/psalm and Joan Caplan will lead us through a guided meditation as we explore our connections to this text.