Wake Now Our Vision Campaign, April 30

A Campaign to Strengthen FUSN’s finances in 2017 and Beyond

Join FUSN leaders as we hear about the NEW Unitarian Universalist Collaborative Campaign to encourage growth in endowments across our denomination.  We will gather on Sunday, April 30 at 11:45 in the Alliance Room to honor the work already done at FUSN and look toward the possibilities ahead.

The focus of our meeting will be around the recently announced Wake Now Our Vision campaign which aims to strengthen endowments across the UU faith. This campaign offers a limited opportunity for us to receive matching grants for new or increased Legacy pledges that will enable FUSN’s endowment to increase more than at any time in recent generations.

FUSN has a rich history of giving, embodied by our own Legacy Circle.  Join the 20+ members of FUSN’s Legacy Circle by attending the April 30 meeting and explore ways to add FUSN to YOUR estate plan.

If you have questions about the meeting or leaving a bequest to FUSN contact any of the Planned Giving Committee: Bev Droz (bevdroz@comcast.net ), Bill Dusett( dusett@rcn.com ),  Peter Farago (ptfarago@gmail.com ) and Brian Hicks ( hicks.brian@rcn.com).