Summer Services – 9:30 am in Parish Hall

June 23 – Sharing Personal Stories: Making Sense of Our Lives – Join us for this interactive Story Service when FUUSN-ites open their hearts to share difficult personal experiences and find themselves on a path where difficulties, felt and accepted, lead to new spiritual perspectives. Kate Carney invites everyone, including Over 60’s Group members, to this storytelling exchange.

June 30 – A Family-Focused Service about Making Friends – A service for families and all ages. Members from kindergarten through retirement share tips on making friends. Family-friendly music, art and activities.

July 7 – No Service

July 14 – Reparations: Issues and Roles for White Allies – Reparations for the enslavement, segregation, repression, and discrimination of Black Americans have become a significant topic in Presidential politics. At least five Democratic candidates have supported commissions to examine potential compensatory schemes. What should liberal religious allies consider in support of resolving this 155 year old issue for Black Americans?

July 21 – Let’s Sing – Joan Caplan and choir friends will lead a full service of singing. Let’s sing the service together!

July 28 – Enlightenment Now – Do you believe that the arc of history bends toward justice? In today’s world, is it foolish to maintain optimism concerning the Enlightenment vision that we Unitarians share with humanists? Curt Lamb will explore the thinking of contemporary scientists Steven Pinker and Nicholas Christakis on this question.

August 4 – Climate Justice – FUUSN member Demie Stathoplos will lead a conversation about the social justice dimensions of environmental issues.

August 11 – The Alchemy of Music – Have you ever wondered how it is that invisible vibrations of air can so immediately change your state of soul, and virtually take you to a transcendent place? Join Lois Shapiro to explore the magic of music as a spiritual practice. A heartfelt and wide-ranging dose of musical examples will be offered. September 1 – No Service

August 18 – Small Acts of Kindness – Even in a world filled with intractable problems, we can always be kind. In this service we will share stories of small kindnesses and the profound effect that kindness can have on those around us and on our own spirit.

August 25 – An interfaith family’s experience of a mother’s dying process – Betsy Simmons will share the story of how her interfaith family experienced and coped with their Mother’s choice to live and die well in home hospice by ceasing eating and drinking.