Experimental Issue of FUSNews E-newsletter

This is the first time we’ve tried sending the content of FUSNews by an automated email directly from the FUSN.org website, where all FUSN news is now posted.  Please review this issue and send your comments, questions, suggestions, etc. to news-editors@fusn.org.  We intend to send this weekly, covering all news items that have been posted to FUSN.org in the previous week.

The printed version of FUSNews is still postal-mailed biweekly to those who prefer a paper copy.  PDF versions of recent issues, including the current one, are available at fusn.org/blog/newsletter-archive/.

You can now find all news items under the News menu of FUSN.org, which has sub-menus for various categories of news.  The Search box at the top of the FUSN web pages does a good job of searching the full text of all news items.