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How to reset your password

What to do if you registered an account at, but you can't remember how to login?

When you signed up for an account, you supplied an email address, and also made up a username and a password.  To reset your password, you need to remember either the email address you used or the username you made up.  If you don't remember either, just send email to webster [at] fusn [dot] org, and we'll look it up for you.

Suppose you remember the email address you used.

Click the link "Request new password" (this is available from all pages in the "User Login" box on the right (if you're not already logged in)).

Enter your email address in the field "Username or e-mail address", and click the button labelled "E-mail new password".

Check your email.

You will shortly receive an email, and the salutation (the first line of the email) will indicate your username -- remember it for later.  The email will have a link in it that starts with "" and then a long string of letters and numbers.  Click on that link (or copy the link and paste it the address field of your favorite web browser).

On the "Reset Password" page that shows, click the "Login" button.

The web page you now see will have your username in large bold letters near the top of the page -- remember your username for later.

Type your preferred password in the "Password" field, then type it in again in the "Confirm Password" field.

If the web page complains about your password being insecure, but you would like to use that password, just ignore the warnings.

Click the "Save" button.

You're done!

At this point, you're logged into the web site.  If you want to practice logging in, click the "Log out" link on the right, then type your username (that you remembered above) and the password you just set and click "Log in to see restricted pages".

If your web browser offers to remember the username and password for you, consider taking advantage of that feature.

If you run into any problems, send email to webster [at] fusn [dot] org, and we're happy to help.



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