Operations Council

Operations Council: FUUSN Room Rentals

Do you know that, as a member of FUUSN, you receive a discount on the room rental rate when you host an event in our building? What a terrific perk of membership! Last year the Operations Council reviewed the rental rates and policies, which resulted … read more.

Operations Council: The Big Picture

My first radical act on arrival at FUUSN was to create a library. Previously, as a shy visitor, I had appreciated the library at the Ithaca UU congregation. In 1983, Christine Samuelson and I hauled some bookcases upstairs from the basement to the Ladies Parlor. … read more.

Operations Council: FUUSN’s Treasury Team

Each year the congregation elects a 3-person team to handle FUUSN’s cash management activities. Currently Judy Curby serves as Treasurer, and Faith Kreider and Karen Lein both serve as Assistant Treasurers.

FUUSN maintains several checking accounts to meet the needs of the congregation. The primary account … read more.

What is the Operations Council?

The Operations Council (Ops Council) is responsible for daily operations of the society. Six members oversee six general program areas and committees: Worship, Education, Fellowship, Stewardship, Outreach, Fundamentals/Administration. The FUUSN Treasurer is also a member of the Council.

While the Board of Trustees (BOT) addresses the … read more.