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Parking at FUUSN

Wondering where you can park when attending Sunday morning services or other events at FUUSN? There are a number of options within close proximity to FUUSN. We currently have permission to park at the Santander Bank on Sunday mornings and other times when the bank … read more.

Operations Council

We are sorry that other responsibilities have made Rand Stone have to step down from the Operations Council this summer but are delighted to have Eric Haas take his place. Thank you, Eric, for coming on to this part of FUUSN’s governance.

We had a summer … read more.


FUUSN bathroom configuration update. We are now ready to make the changes in FUUSN’s bathroom configuration that have been in process for some time now. As we have reported before, the Operations Council and the Welcoming Congregation Implementation Team have been discussing how best to … read more.

Operations Council

New signs at FUUSN:

If you are calling 911 or ordering pizza, FUUSN’s address is 1326 Washington Street.

The Operations Council was requested to consider acquiring a defibrillator and/or Narcan for emergencies in our building. We discussed this and came to the conclusion that spending money to … read more.

Operations Council

Updates to FUUSN’s Child and Youth Protection Policy Since 2003 FUUSN has had a policy designed to help ensure that our children and youth are nurtured and protected from injury or harm. We have updated this policy over the years as ‘best practices’ for protecting … read more.

Operations Council

Parking around FUUSN: There have been numerous recent communications about parking in the Santander bank lot, so we’d like to make sure everyone is clear on when and where we can park. We currently do have permission to park at the Santander Bank on Sunday … read more.

The Building and Grounds Budget

The Finance Committee and the Operations Council are beginning the annual budget process. While no item is finalized until the congregation votes in June, we begin to look at our needs with the proposed Building and Grounds budget in February, RE in March, staff salaries … read more.

Safety Plan for FUUSN Classrooms

The Operations Council, working with RE staff, developed a policy/plan for evacuation of children from the classrooms in the event of a fire or other emergency. The plan is straightforward and includes:

• Description of Administrative responsibility for oversight of maintenance of building alarms, smoke and … read more.

Operations Council

In case of fire, flood/water line breaks, earthquake and, most likely here in New England, snow and ice, we will do our best to make a decision by late afternoon/early evening on Saturday to cancel Sunday service. Any time we think we need to close … read more.

Parking Around FUUSN

The start of the new church year seems like a good time to make sure everyone knows about parking available around FUUSN. The good news is that we have permission to park at the Santander Bank on Sunday mornings and other times when the bank … read more.