Music Overview

  Music has a rich history of professional and lay leadership and a vibrant role in services at FUSN. The music is chosen to complement each worship service; consequently, the musical styles vary. In addition to professional staff, a number of professional and amateur musicians offer their considerable talents in classical, jazz, folk, and world … Continued

Evening Song, Dec. 3

Evening Song returns to FUSN on Sunday, December 3, and every first Sunday of the month, at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary. We welcome all who wish to spend some quiet and restorative time with us to prepare for the weeks to come, with music for four voices, and poems chosen by FUSN’s poetry aficionados. … Continued

Thanks to Lois and Laurel

The Services Auction Committee thanks Lois Shapiro for her wonderful piano performance on Sunday afternoon, November 19. Lois’s amazing talent really wowed the audience. Also thanks to Laurel Farnsworth for hosting the performance in her home.


George Frideric Handel wrote several oratorios, highly dramatic works for vocal soloists, choir, and orchestra, based on Biblical stories. In most of them there are strong characters who interact throughout the piece. But Handel’s most popular work, Messiah, is not a typical oratorio: there are no confrontations between set characters, and no clear plot line. … Continued


The Wheel of Life service on October 29 was a beautiful and thoughtful reflection on our journeys, as individuals, families, and as a congregation. Many thanks to the FUUSN musicians who contributed so much to the service: George Batchelor, Jim Cook, Aidan Devine, and Brian Hicks. Our FUUSN Band is always looking for people to … Continued


We live in an amazing area for choral music: there are always concerts to attend, for all ages, and the variety and quality of the repertoire one can hear is really extraordinary. Below are a few upcoming concerts – and for those of you looking to join in the fun: rehearsals for Handel’s Messiah, which … Continued


Here’s a look at our upcoming services: October 15 – More Than a Travelogue: we’ll revisit the FUUSN Musicians Tour to Germany, with great music, reflections by participants, bi-lingual hymns, and an appearance by the No Rehearsal Band. The service on October 22 will feature the simple yet powerful song, “Unity.” This is a translation … Continued


My colleague from First Parish in Concord, Elizabeth Norton, wrote this recently: “I…write with the conviction that the music ministry to which I have been called opens a path to move through these difficult times in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable. Music provides a medium to break our silence, to express our hopes, … Continued


Summer travel brings with it time to consider one’s work. The root of the word worship, weorþscipe, is worthiness – to give worth to something. Below are some somewhat random thoughts about worship. Rick and I went to the 10:00 am Mass Grégorienne at Nôtre Dame in Paris this past July. We sang responses, psalms, … Continued


I’m writing this from a hotel in Strasbourg – getting in a little travel before I return to the States. The FUSN Musicians tour concluded yesterday with the closing worship service at the Europäischer Unitariertag – European Unitarians Together assembly. The assembly was organized by many, but Karsten Urban carried the brunt of it and … Continued