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A Note from Erin

It really does take a village to run an Annual Budget Drive. Thank you to Brian Gill, Saul Lookner, Julia Wolfe, Susanne Greelish and the entire ABD Team for creating a fun, informative and hopeful Budget Drive. Thank you to all of you for all … read more.

A Note From Erin

As my dad was fond of saying, it feels like a month of Sundays since we’ve seen each other. Like far too many this winter, I was felled by the flu in January. Thankfully, I did get the shot which by all accounts helped make … read more.

A Note From Erin

Some things to remember when sharing during Joys and Sorrows:

1) they are meant to be a moment of personal sharing and not a time to make a political point or a general announcement;

2) sharing and lighting a candle is just the beginning of our chance … read more.

A Note from Erin

Greetings All,

Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year – creating many opportunities to worship together. We will gather in the morning for an informal service and then again, later in the day, for our usual three Christmas Eve services. While each service will be … read more.

A Note From Erin


As a long-time news and political junkie — ignoring the refresh button on my computer and phone is no easy task. Yet, being away with family this past weekend gave me the opportunity to shun the 24-hour news cycle that often has more of my … read more.

Water Sunday: Bring Your Water!


We are looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday, Sept. 10, at FUUSN for our first Community Breakfast at 9:00 a.m. followed by our Annual Ingathering Water Sunday service at 10:15 a.m.

Our Ingathering Water Sunday is made all the more poignant this year … read more.

From John Nichols


February 19 will be my last day with you, and your minister will be back with you the following week. I’ve spent a very pleasant half-year in your company. You are, as I have always thought, an active and fascinating congregation with human resources that … read more.

From the Minister: An Unwritten Covenant

In my first congregation, Pledge Sunday came and went in a day, and I didn’t even know it was happening. The wealthier members of the church had been told to be there with their checkbooks on a particular March Sunday. I noticed an unusually busy … read more.