Category: Member Services

Let’s Start a “Fun” Committee

Want to get more involved in fun social events at FUUSN? Do you have ideas for a new event that would bring people together over food and laughter, whether at FUUSN or in your home or at a picnic spot when it gets warmer? Would … read more.

Online Membership Directory Workshop, Jan. 14

This is a reminder that the new online FUUSN directory is scheduled for release on January 15. On that date, members and friends of the congregation will receive an email invitation, with instructions to create an online user account. Once you have created a username … read more.

An Online Directory for FUUSN: Update

In January 2018 we are scheduled to roll out our new online membership directory to the FUUSN congregation. The Operations Council has approved some privacy policies for the directory, so I thought it would be useful to give a preliminary Q&A. If you have questions … read more.


Winter in New England is like the cat at the door, pondering whether to come in or to sit and stare at you a while longer. Now that winter has come in, I am taking stock of the things that, like the season, can easily … read more.

A Digital Directory for FUUSN

Our congregation needs a directory. One of my tasks as your Membership Coordinator has been to create a digital directory that will accessible to members online. After eight months of intermittent work on this project, I would like to update you all on my progress.

Like … read more.