Religous Education

Rowan’s Reflections

Religious professionals in Unitarian Universalism are trained in a number of ways. Religious Educators seeking credentialing engage in a rigorous learning process like ministers, though it takes a different form. The Religious Education Credentialing Program is an approximately 3 year program while on the job and requires attending workshops and trainings, reading dozens of books, … Continued

A Group for Parents with Young Kids

As I quickly discovered when I began work at FUSN in January, there are lots of families with young children in our community. A number of FUSN parents have expressed interest in forming an official group, for planning social events here at FUSN or in someone’s home, for providing mutual support, for exploring faith in … Continued

Results of the 5th-6th Grade Food Drive

The 5th and 6th graders wish to thank everyone who donated items to the food drive in February. This year’s food drive has been a great success and there is now a mountain of canned foods and other necessaries awaiting delivery to the Newton Food Bank!

FUSN Food Drive by Grades 5-6: Feb. 12, 19 and 26

FUSN 5-6th graders are asking for your help collecting items for the Newton Food Pantry. Collection boxes will be set up at the community breakfast and coffee hour on  February, 12, 19, 26.   The Newton Food Pantry is able to get much of the staple food items for free at the Greater Boston Food … Continued

Operations Council: Safety Plan for FUSN Classrooms

The Operations Council, working with RE staff, developed a policy/plan for evacuation of children from the classrooms in the event of a fire or other emergency. The plan is straightforward and includes: Description of Administrative responsibility for oversight of maintenance of building alarms, smoke and CO detectors, emergency lighting, etc. Simple, clear instructions for the … Continued

R.E. Connections

January has been a month full of meetings and incredible work in our Lifespan Religious Education program. Our Religious Education Council has been exploring how to take on more visionary work and allow working groups to focus on tasks. Our Adult Faith Development Task Force led the final two focus groups as part of their … Continued

Coming of Age Frozen Food Sale, Jan. 29

The Coming of Age class of 2017 will be selling ready-to-heat frozen food after services on Sunday, January 29.  Proceeds will benefit the Newton Food Pantry as part of our growing partnership with them.  Let Matt Cuddy ( know if you have questions.

R.E. Connections: Parent Meetings and Traveling Chalice

When our country is in as divisive of a place as it is, it feels like religious community is more important than ever. For some, beliefs about the nature of the world and the universe may be shaken. For others, having a community of people with shared values feels especially important, both for raising children … Continued

FUSN Guidelines for Playing in the Head Start Room

Families have been asking for a dedicated play space during coffee hour, for when it’s not nice enough to go outside on the playground. The FUSN Operations Council is making the Head Start Room upstairs available for play. Here are some guidelines on how we can make that space–and coffee hour–safe and welcoming for families … Continued

Thoughts of Support for Wayland Mosque

In response to the hateful note sent to our neighbors at the Wayland Mosque, we would like to send our thoughts of support and friendship. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe in religious tolerance and in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. We are making cards after the December 18 service and encourage both adults … Continued