Religous Education

R.E. Connections

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Lifespan Religious Education program this past year! We had more than 70 congregants teach our children, mentor and advise our youth, and lead adult programs. Collectively, we’ve read hundreds of stories, painted, planted, volunteered with the Newton Food Pantry, gone on retreats, and re-visioned how faith development … Continued

My Experience Teaching RE

In the spring when I helped teach the Comparative Religions course, I offered the kids a chance to write down a question, anonymously, that the teachers would answer or try to answer. The first time I did this was for the lesson on Judaism. Their questions were about details of Judaism, statistics, and other topics … Continued

Am I the Right Person to Teach in FUSN’s RE Program? YES!!

What is a cooperative children’s RE program? A cooperative children’s Religious Education model means that the families whose children are in the RE program take the lead in teaching the RE classes. Other members of the congregation may teach as well, but the bulk of the teachers come from the participating families. ​Typically, parents are … Continued

RE Connections

On Supporting People of All Ages in Worship Dear Ones, It has come to my attention that several families have experienced comments and requests about their parenting or their children that have felt hurtful and unwelcoming, including people being outright asked to leave during multigenerational worship services. Please know that these parents are doing the … Continued

We Need You

We Need You! – It’s the beginning of our Lifespan Religious Education volunteer recruitment campaign and we’re looking for about 75 people to teach, be a COA mentor, or participate in a significant way next year. Our program is a cooperative one, which means it couldn’t exist without all of you pitching in. If you’d … Continued

Religious Education Connections

What really is Religious Education? Is it just learning a particular curriculum? When we talk about Religious Education (RE), we try and focus on the “5 C’s” — Curriculum, Covenant, Community, Context, and Call. The curriculum is one of the considerations, when we’re thinking about what we want our children, youth, and adults to learn. … Continued

Lifespan Religious Education Sunday, April 9

Lifespan RE Sunday is a joyful celebration involving children, youth, and adults in exploring our Seven Principles through music, words, and art. We hope you will join us for this meaningful service!                                               … Continued

Rowan’s Reflections

Religious professionals in Unitarian Universalism are trained in a number of ways. Religious Educators seeking credentialing engage in a rigorous learning process like ministers, though it takes a different form. The Religious Education Credentialing Program is an approximately 3 year program while on the job and requires attending workshops and trainings, reading dozens of books, … Continued

A Group for Parents with Young Kids

As I quickly discovered when I began work at FUSN in January, there are lots of families with young children in our community. A number of FUSN parents have expressed interest in forming an official group, for planning social events here at FUSN or in someone’s home, for providing mutual support, for exploring faith in … Continued

Results of the 5th-6th Grade Food Drive

The 5th and 6th graders wish to thank everyone who donated items to the food drive in February. This year’s food drive has been a great success and there is now a mountain of canned foods and other necessaries awaiting delivery to the Newton Food Bank!