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Home For the Holiday Gift Bags

The children in the RE program will once again be creating holiday gift bags for people in the congregation who are unable to get to church on a regular basis or who have had a difficult year and could benefit from a remembrance from … read more.

Religious Education

Dear FUUSN Community, As we enter into a season that is rich with holidays, tasty meals, time with family, and gifts of all varieties, I find myself reflecting on the importance of gratitude. Notable research has been done connecting an individual’s overall happiness with a … read more.

R.E. Connections

Dear FUUSN Community,

It was wonderful to spend the October 6th-8th weekend at Ferry Beach with a number of FUUSN families and congregants. Among the many highlights were button making, sharing meals, a protest walk, sing songs, s’mores, sand castles, and our multigenerational service. These moments … read more.

R.E. Connections

L’Shana Tova! In Hebrew, l’shanah tovah means “may you have a good a sweet new year”. Last Monday, Sept 10, was the first day of the Jewish New Year called Rosh Hashanah. The celebration lasts for ten days and ends with the holy day of … read more.

RE Connections

What a great year it’s been! Please register all children and youth (ages 0–18) who will be part of our FUUSN community next year using the Religious Education (RE) Registration Form. It is truly helpful for the RE staff to have all of this … read more.

Engaging the “Tough Terms”

Whether you’ve been a part of the FUUSN community for a little while or a long time, many of us grapple when particular words are mentioned. Do we mean the same thing when we say them?

Part of the Adult Faith Development Task Force’s work illuminated … read more.

RE Connections

What a fun going-away party you all threw for me on May 4! Thank you so much! I enjoyed the energy, the festivity, and the faces of so many people I’ve become fond of over these past four years. I am glad that I will … read more.