Religous Education

RE Connections – OWL Expansion

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a lifespan sexuality education curriculum, providing values-based, age-appropriate sexuality education at six different stages, from kindergarteners on up through adults. Over the past few years, we have expanded beyond our middle school level and added the 4th-6th grade level (we target 5th grade) in 2015-2016. This year, we’re adding the … Continued

RE Connections

Over the first weekend in November, Beth and I were in Denver at the annual conference for the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA Fall Con), a gathering for UU Religious Educators with more than 200 religious educators from around the country.  The theme this year was on creating Brave Spaces, and we sure went there … Continued

RE Connections

This year, Rev. Erin, Sam, and I have launched a new yearlong initiative called “Living the Principles.” This involves a monthly focus on each of the seven principles, in order to go deeper into our collective understanding of Unitarian Universalism, in multigenerational ways. You may have already noticed Times for All Ages devoted to this … Continued

RE Updates

We’re off to a great start with our first Sunday of RE underway! Please note that RE Classes are scheduled to go until 11:30 a.m., in order to make sure there is enough class time, even though services often end earlier. Children in 2nd grade and younger need to be picked up by a parent … Continued

Welcome Back to RE!

We are so glad to have you at FUSN in our Religious Education (RE) program, for the first time or for the fortieth.  We have programs available throughout the lifespan. On Sunday, September 10, children can join their families in the Sanctuary for worship. We’ll have the Nursery and the PreK classroom staffed, starting at … Continued

Notes for RE Families and Teachers

Notes for RE Families: We’re looking forward to welcoming families back for the new church year and hope to see you all on Sept. 10 at our ingathering service. RE classes will start on the following Sunday, Sept. 17. If you haven’t already done so, please register your children (ages 0 – 18) for classes … Continued

Fun Facts About RE Volunteers

Did you know that 15 of our RE teachers from this year are also signed up to teach again next year? And another 13 who signed up to teach next year have taught previously? Must be a good gig, right? Or there is that fact that our RE program is a cooperative program, meaning that … Continued

R.E. Connections

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Lifespan Religious Education program this past year! We had more than 70 congregants teach our children, mentor and advise our youth, and lead adult programs. Collectively, we’ve read hundreds of stories, painted, planted, volunteered with the Newton Food Pantry, gone on retreats, and re-visioned how faith development … Continued

My Experience Teaching RE

In the spring when I helped teach the Comparative Religions course, I offered the kids a chance to write down a question, anonymously, that the teachers would answer or try to answer. The first time I did this was for the lesson on Judaism. Their questions were about details of Judaism, statistics, and other topics … Continued