Participate in the 2018 Nominating Process!

The Nominating Committee (NC) 2018 would like to inform the congregation that the time is coming to offer names of candidates to be considered for elected leadership positions. For 8 weeks, from February 15 to April 15, we invite you to submit suggestions of people you’d like to see in leadership roles at FUUSN. If … Continued

A Legacy for FUUSN and ….. MATCHING $

FUUSN’s Planned Giving Committee encourages you to consider having FUUSN a part of your estate plan. Join the over two dozen FUUSNites who have joined our Legacy Circle and are working to sustain our vision for future generations with bequests to FUUSN. Additionally, and for a limited time, you can take advantage of the UUA … Continued

Save the Date, Feb. 18

The Welcoming Congregations Team is delighted to announce a new Sunday afternoon film series exploring the power of welcoming and inclusion as important features of human experience. Our kickoff event on Sunday February 18 is a showing of the film Normal, a moving fictional depiction of the gender transition of Ruth Applewood, a conservative Midwestern … Continued

Facing FUSN Budget Cuts

The Finance Committee is struggling to complete next year’s budget to be approved by the congregation at our June annual meeting. The results from the annual budget drive have fallen short of our goal by a significant amount. As a result, we have cancelled all discretionary building projects (painting, new water fountain, etc.) this month … Continued

Budget Drive Team Update

Gather the spirit, harvest the power                                                                                                   … Continued

Committee Chairs Meeting, Mar. 18

The semi-annual committee chairs meeting of the church year will be held on Saturday March 18 from 12:00 -2:00 p.m., in the Children’s Chapel. This is an opportunity for committee chairs—and other interested folks—to share information about committee activities. Please let Susan Bartlett know if you are planning to attend,

New FUSN Criminal Justice Advocacy Team

New FUSN Criminal Justice Advocacy Team will meet in the Alliance Room on Monday, March 27, 7:00-9:00 pm. For two years we have had 30 speakers and read and discussed two books. Now it is time to put our knowledge to work! We will review the legislative process by which changes can be made in … Continued

Future Leaders of FUSN!

Lay leaders are essential to our Unitarian Universalist congregations. FUSN is looking for members who would like to deepen their involvement within the community. Stepping into a lay leadership role can: • strengthen one’s personal connections,                                       … Continued

Open Leadership Positions at FUSN

“I’ve participated in many committees and always appreciate the fellowship over my 34 years at FUSN. When a position on the Operations Council came up last year I asked to be elected.” –Kate Mason “My service with FUSN’s Board of Trustees was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. However in retrospect it served … Continued

Summer Services

Summer Sunday services at FUSN are lay-led and informal, taking place in the Parish Hall. We are now collecting proposals for this coming summer. Do you have an idea for a summer service that you would like to lead – perhaps to share a personal journey, explore an issue, share some music, consider a favorite … Continued