Board of Trustees

Thanks For The Memories

As I complete my three-year term as a member of FUUSN’s Board of Trustees, along with Lesley Sneddon, next month, I’d like to acknowledge those members I came to know during my tenure. Thank you Bobbie Sproat (Board Chair ’15-’16) for your tutelage and patience with me in my first year. I’ll not forget your … Continued

Facing FUUSN Budget Cuts

The Finance Committee is struggling to complete next year’s budget to be approved by the congregation at our June annual meeting. The results from the annual budget drive have fallen short of our goal by a significant amount. As a result, we have cancelled all discretionary building projects (painting, new water fountain, etc.) this month … Continued

Board of Trustees Minutes January 2017

Highlights: 1. The Annual Budget Drive Plans for FY18, 2. A Proposal from the Financial Oversight Committee on Uses of Endowment Funds, and 3.Discussion of FY18 Budget Forecast.

Elected Leadership and the 2017 Nominating Committee

Since January, the Nominating Committee, comprised of Sheila Ardery (Chair), George Batchelor, Jim Emerson, Andrew Morse, and Ann Woodbury, has met regularly and worked diligently, conducting outreach via the FUUSN business list and Newsletter and providing information during Coffee Hour to recruit qualified candidates for elected leadership at FUUSN. We appreciate the committee’s willingness to … Continued

Sign Up for a Pledge Party

  Showing their leadership and commitment to FUUSN, our entire Board of Trustees has already made their financial pledges. Now you, too, can do your part, but instead of doing it at a board meeting, you get to do it at a party! Sign up for a pledge party at coffee hour or online. Find … Continued

What Is FUUSN’s Core Purpose?

In this tumultuous time in our country, it’s important to know and say who we are as a congregation and where we are going. John Nichols, in our February Board meeting used the metaphor of a wheel to define “core purpose” or “mission.” The spokes are our vibrant committees and activities, while the hub, which … Continued

From the Board: Facing a Brave New Year

I’ve often wondered why it is easy for me to bring my Unitarian Universalist beliefs into casual conversation with others. As a former (recovering) Catholic, the idea of proselytization was, by choice, to be avoided at all costs, whether it was on the giving or receiving end of the equation. So what is it that … Continued

Board of Trustees: What Do We Mean by Multicultural?

What do we mean by “Multicultural”…? What would it mean to be a multicultural congregation? While our current racial justice work is vitally important, the process of becoming multicultural goes beyond that of becoming more inclusive of members of racially and ethnically diverse groups. A multicultural organization acts on a commitment to “eradicate social oppression … Continued

Board of Trustees: Welcome to Welcoming!

In a vote taken at the Annual Meeting in June 2015, FUUSN committed to engage in the process of renewing our status as a congregation recognized as Welcoming. Many hoped that this would be a step toward salving bad feelings and mending rifts in our community created by the tumult during the previous winter. A … Continued

From the Board: Aligning Our Being with Our Doing

As Erin enters her sabbatical, she will be reflecting on what makes FUUSN a spiritual community, and we will be doing the same. Erin’s sabbatical theme, “Aligning our being with our doing” may seem a little mysterious or opaque. What does it mean, exactly? I think of it as a stepping back and looking at the larger picture – allowing our … Continued