Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Mindful of November’s theme of Truth, I’ve been reflecting on what keeps me connected to FUUSN. For one, I’m thankful for our differences because it has helped me to grow. Some express regret about a lack of diversity in our community. My interest lies in how we respond to differences which already exist, because it’s … Continued

Board of Trustees: Building a Culture of Stewardship

With FUUSN and my kids’ school and sports years in full swing, my sense of gratitude extends wide. One target of my thankfulness is a group of your fellow congregants who held a full-day meeting on Saturday, October 15, to discuss and better our FUUSN financial future. This Financial Summit included representatives from all the … Continued

From the Board: Safe Congregations

FUUSN needs to be safe. For many of us, probably most of us, it feels like a sanctuary from the pressures of daily life, where we feel accepted, where we can express ourselves freely, where we feel sure that our children will be protected and nurtured. But we have long neglected some concrete tasks needed … Continued

Newton Refugee Immigration Ministry

At Sunday’s Special Congregational Meeting, Lynn Holbein and Richard Bail presented an invitation to FUUSN from the Newton Refugee Immigration Ministry to join a cluster of churches and synagogues assisting asylum seekers. The Board is happy to announce that Lynn has received 35 signatures from FUUSN volunteers, including four people who have offered housing. This … Continued

Board of Trustees

Welcome Back. As we come together this week, we are sobered by the suffering of so many from Harvey’s hurricane waters and by new threats to immigrant Americans. We bring to these challenges our resilience, strong values, and ever growing and learning faith community. Our minister, Erin, is back with us after her months of … Continued

Warrant for Annual Meeting, June 4

Notice is hereby given to all members of the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Newton that the Annual Meeting of the Society will be held in the Parish Hall at 1326 Washington Street, West Newton, Massachusetts, on Sunday June 4, 2017. Lunch will be served immediately following the service, and the Annual Meeting will follow … Continued

Thanks For The Memories

As I complete my three-year term as a member of FUUSN’s Board of Trustees, along with Lesley Sneddon, next month, I’d like to acknowledge those members I came to know during my tenure. Thank you Bobbie Sproat (Board Chair ’15-’16) for your tutelage and patience with me in my first year. I’ll not forget your … Continued

Facing FUUSN Budget Cuts

The Finance Committee is struggling to complete next year’s budget to be approved by the congregation at our June annual meeting. The results from the annual budget drive have fallen short of our goal by a significant amount. As a result, we have cancelled all discretionary building projects (painting, new water fountain, etc.) this month … Continued

Board of Trustees Minutes January 2017

Highlights: 1. The Annual Budget Drive Plans for FY18, 2. A Proposal from the Financial Oversight Committee on Uses of Endowment Funds, and 3.Discussion of FY18 Budget Forecast.

Elected Leadership and the 2017 Nominating Committee

Since January, the Nominating Committee, comprised of Sheila Ardery (Chair), George Batchelor, Jim Emerson, Andrew Morse, and Ann Woodbury, has met regularly and worked diligently, conducting outreach via the FUUSN business list and Newsletter and providing information during Coffee Hour to recruit qualified candidates for elected leadership at FUUSN. We appreciate the committee’s willingness to … Continued