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Answering the Call

Answering the Call

One of the defining features of Unitarian Universalism is the dispersion of responsibility for ministry throughout the congregation. The congregation as a whole … read more.

An Invitation from the Board

We hope to hear from you!

For those of you who took part in one of our recent Listening Circles, thank you for participating. If you have not yet had a chance, there’s now an opportunity to share your feedback with us directly and it will … read more.

Board of Trustees

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the relationship between power, community, responsibility, and stewardship. Through FUUSN we join together in spiritual community in order to receive the benefits of having greater strength and power collectively than we can ever hope to achieve individually. Yet with power … read more.

Board Listening Circles

Board Listening Circles Continue- Online! One of the Board’s primary goals is to listen to members of the congregation to ensure we have an accurate understanding of your current priorities and needs. In support of this goal, we held a series of Listening Circles over … read more.

Board of Trustees

Dec. 2 Open Discussion about our last Annual Meeting and Budget Process

In the spirit of open communication, the FUUSN Board is offering several opportunities over the next two months to have open conversations with members of the congregation to hear about your experiences at FUUSN. … read more.

Board of Trustees

Among the Board’s goals for this fiscal year is launching a process to ensure that we as a Board, and each of you as members of the Congregation, share an understanding of the current priorities of the Congregation as a whole. To accomplish this, we … read more.

From The Board of Trustees

Stepping into Discomfort

The worship theme for September is “Covenant.” This theme reminds us that a distinguishing characteristic of FUUSN and Unitarian-Universalism is the covenantal foundations of our community. We come together in relationship as a spiritual community that is characterized by our covenantal promises of … read more.

Update on FUUSN Parking & Santander Bank Lot

I want to update everyone about the current situation regarding FUUSN and the proposed redevelopment of the Santander Bank building and parking lot by Robert Korff, head of Mark Development, the new owner of the property. As some of you may already know, FUUSN leadership … read more.

Proposed By-Law Changes

Dear friends and members,

The FUUSN Annual Meeting on June 3rd will vote on a proposal to amend the Society’s bylaws that deal with the endowment and the Board of Investment. On March 20th, the Board of Trustees voted in favor of the proposal, … read more.