Besides checking the website, there are several other ways to find out about all of the events taking place at FUUSN:

  1. See the Order of Service on Sunday mornings for announcements.  To announce a FUUSN event in the Order of Service or weekly FUUSNNews, email a brief notice to our administrator, Fran Clancy (, by 9 am on Thursday.
  2. Sign up to receive our newsletter FUUSNews here.  FUUSNews is emailed weekly and contains information about worship services, FUUSN activities, as well as columns written by staff and committee leaders.
  3. Like our public Facebook page (where we post info about events open to public) and join our private Facebook group (where FUUSN staff and congregants post news they want to share with the congregation).
  4. Join our either or both of our listservs:
    • The Business List which is only for postings directly related to FUUSN and
    • The General List, which is for non-business related posts that might be of interest to FUUSNites.Anything posted to the Business List is automatically posted to the General List.  If you would like to subscribe to one of our mailing lists, please contact, indicating which list you would like to be subscribed to and whether you would prefer to receive a daily digest version.