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A Note From Erin

Twenty years ago, and two days before her 35th birthday Rita Hester, an African-American transgender woman was murdered in Allston. Her death was the catalyst for Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) which is observed every November 20 as people all over the world hold vigils … read more.

Guest at Your Table

UUSC Guest at Your Table boxes will be distributed Sunday November 18 and collected Sunday December 16. This supports the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee which advances human rights and justice in the US and around the world. Gifts of $125 or more are matched by … read more.

Operations Council

Save the Date: December 1 is the annual FUUSN Holiday Fair. It is one of two major fundraisers that contribute significantly to our budget and a wonderful way to join with others in our community to meet new people as we work together. We set … read more.

Marion’s Gourmet Kitchen

Marion’s Gourmet Kitchen will again be part of the Holiday Fair, with many flavors of jam as well as a wide range of condiments (pickles, relish, mustard, and many other items made by FUUSN’s talented cooks). If you plan to contribute something, please contact Judy … read more.

Religious Education

Dear FUUSN Community, As we enter into a season that is rich with holidays, tasty meals, time with family, and gifts of all varieties, I find myself reflecting on the importance of gratitude. Notable research has been done connecting an individual’s overall happiness with a … read more.

Upcoming Musical Events

This Sunday, November 18, in Concord, the FUUSN choir will sing the cantata The Immigrant Experience, by John Kramer, Music Director at Winchester UU. Some of you heard this fascinating work last April, when we offered it at FUUSN as a benefit for Episcopal City … read more.

Get Connected

What are some simple ways to help you feel connected, useful, and welcoming? Go to FUUSN’s ivolunteer website and sign up to help on a Sunday morning. We need ushers every week to welcome members, friends, and visitors. You can use your creativity and imagination … read more.

Upcoming Events

Orphans and Renegades Thanksgiving. As previously mentioned, the FUUSN Singles Group is going to have an Orphans and Renegades Thanksgiving. (You’re an orphan if you have nowhere else to go, and a renegade if you don’t want to go where you are “supposed” to – … read more.